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Pay Per Click Engagement

SEO is important but...

When it comes to moving quickly and capturing a larger audience for your brand, nothing beats paid advertising across the Google Ads network and other social channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

We can handle all of these channels from graphic banner ads, text-based ads, video advertising, and even audio on platforms like Pandora and Spotify. 

Engage and captivate your audience

Targeted Advertising with Results That Count

Advertising without a proper strategy for your budget is like going to battle without a general. Our years of combined experience let us lead your advertising strategy to an impactful return on ad spend and significant ROI. 

That's all fine, but...

What Options Do You Have?

Facebook & Instagram Lead Funnels and Remarketing

Are you interested in driving more leads from social platforms? These powerful campaigns are built to drive consumers or businesses to you through form fill and interactive messenger campaigns. Our unique approach allows you to capitalize on ad spend like never before. 

Google Search Advertising

The largest advertising network in the world is also the largest search engine. It’s time to get in front of prospects who are actively searching for your products or services. Paid search ads push your website to the top of relevant searches, list your business at the top of the map and keep you at the front of consumers’ minds.

Google Display Network

Join the web’s largest banner and video advertising network, which reaches about 90% of internet users. Showcase your business, service, and products with engaging display banners that target users by interest, demographics, location, or custom intent.

Start using the most powerful tool to reach new users on the internet.

Managed adspend by professionals

The AdFoundry Way

Whether you are looking for a national audience, a small niche, or local engagement, our services can scale to match your budget. Most engagements start around $2000/month including our campaign management services.

Return on Ad Spend Driven

More traffic doesn’t mean more money. We create highly focused ad campaigns that drive revenue opportunities to your front door and scale them only if you’re making money.

Fully Configured to your Needs

Running ads is different for every business. We focus on the value you bring to the market and help you establish a budget based on keywords, which platforms you’re using, the quality of ads and dozens of other factors. 

Certified Google Partners

All of our campaign managers are certified by Google in whichever network we’re managing for you. We use the highest-quality industry-standard strategies and approaches to advertising that are approved by Google. 

Highly Targeted

Paid search allows you to target specific segments and demographics based on your needs. No more blasting a general audience, it’s time to reduce wasted spend and focus on the right prospects.

Expert Customer Service

Every customer receives a dedicated account manager to answer questions specific to their campaign. Our leadership has extensive industry-leading experience in customer service management and understands what it takes to ensure you have a fantastic experience working with us.

Drive high quality leads to your website today.

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